Why Choose Aquatic PT?

  • Low impact exercise reduces strain on inflamed joints.
  • Warm water (86 degrees) soothes aching muscles and joints.
  • Improved circulation from hydrostatic water pressure.
  • Decreased weight bearing by 75%, allowing for earlier return to functional exercise following injury or surgery.
  • Beneficial to all physical therapy diagnoses including acute and chronic conditions.
  • Aquatic Exercise is often the best and least painful option for fibromyalgia/chronic pain patients.


For Aquatic Therapy:

Please contact one of our 5 clinics to set up your initial evaluation today!

*NOTE: Patients must be evaluated in one of our 5 clinics before beginning an Aquatic PT program


Additional questions?
Please feel free to email our Aquatic Therapist Director: Lindsay Jackson, MSPT (ljackson@mygvpt.com)

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